Hiring a brand advocate makes life easier

Employing people who are already advocates of you brand can be a great way of improving performance and service. A call centre worker who is a big believer in the brand will be more passionate, helpful and friendly than someone who drags themselves into work for a company/brand that they hate.

Questions such as: do you buy our products? What do you think of them? Do you tell other people about them? What would you do if I gave you a free [your product]? is a great way of finding out how someone feels about your company before they even do a days work.

Obviously, this is not to say that if they are not a an advocate of your brand or have never purchased your product that they should not be hired, but it is a good way of finding out how eager they are to work for you and, potentially, how good they will be at the job.

If I am mad on Apple Macs and iPods and I go to work for Apple, I will put twice as much effort into that job than I would if I worked for Microsoft, and that sort of passion is something that money can’t buy.

When pitching for business in my industry, potential clients want to know that you are passionate about their brand and want to do the best job you can for them. So, why not apply this idea to staffing? After all, hiring a friend is always better than hiring a foe.


~ by Simon Bocko on December 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hiring a brand advocate makes life easier”

  1. Communications and marketing efforts should focus on making ‘fans’ internally and as much as externally. Bonding as much as branding!

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